For Server Owners

All that was written for users is for you too!
But now we will go in more detail :
On the dashboard you will find some pretty cool feature:
Let's focus on Add Server and My Server:
  • On the add server mask you can add your coc private server or cr/bb modded server
you can add a lot of details :
  • A Server motto: For giving you an exemple apple's motto is <<Think Different>> while the ucslist's motto is <<Your Journey Begins Here>>
  • Server Ip
  • Game Type: are you hosting an Coc private server? or a clash royale one?
  • Server port by default, ucs port is the 9339 but your emulator may be using another one. if you are not use about it, ask to the emulator's creator!
  • Categories: does your coc private server have custom applicator or is running a dns server?
  • Country of reference: is your server geo-targeted or is wordwide?
  • Banner / logo for being displayed on the homepage? If you don't have one don't worry. we have made a default for you! (temporary, it will be much better soon!) ;
  • A youtube video (like the intro or whatever related to your server!) ;
  • Website / Apk and ipa download link: Links to your coc server website or to your application.
  • Social Links. - Description box that will be displayed inside the server statics
  • You can choose if you want to display the ip or the website in the homepage, allow to user leave a comments on comments tab, put your server in manitence mode if you are performing a patch
We thought for those servers that do not have a website or a forum,
if a server owner created a new patch the only way that he has to provide a change log is to make a new post in his server's thread, but not all
players may see this, to resolve this problem, we created news section, let me give an example :
Let's say you don't have website or forum but you made a custom patch for your clash of clan server.
The only possibility you had to keep your players informed of the updates was to create a new topic on the server thread.
but as we all know, it isn't enough, because, someone may not notice it.
with the news section, you can now inform your players in real-time, and it will be emailed to your subscribers as well.

Server Statistics Page

  • Statistics tab: It will show how many clicks your website got , and, how many votes you get daily.
  • Banner tab (at the moment they are not the best but we are working to make them better) you can choose between multiple size to put them where you want at the moment these are the sizes:
  • 300 x 250
  • 336 x 280
  • 468 x 60
  • 728 x 90
You can even choose which information you wants to display!
There is a last important thing to tell you about
You have the possibility to give "a boost" to your server : put your server in an highlighted spot :
your server will be displayed in the top positions
with a slightly gold background.
you can redeem this space for at least 2 weeks and these are limited slots, at the moment 3.